Being Alone

The scariest part of life isn’t when you slip and fall. It’s not when you realize you are falling with no one to catch you. It’s when you realize you are at your most vulnerable and you are completely and utterly alone..

Being alone treats you differently at various situations.

You are alone, and you made the choice, it makes you feel wonderful.

– Take a day off from work.. sit at home, do nothing important… laze around leisurely, read a book, listen to music, having coffee, or take a stroll… all things which you might like to do in company, but chose to be alone out of your choice.. it will energize you.

You are alone, and it is not your choice, still you can manage to accept the fact at some point of time.

– When you don’t work, all family members leave for work/school, you are left alone in the house, you may not like it most of the time, but you manage to live with the fact, you may end up finding ways to entertain yourself.

You are alone, because you are ignored by people who were close to you once, people avoiding you in all occasions… that makes you feel at your worst.

It hurts when someone used to talk to you, then decided at some point along the way that you’re not worth keeping in touch or to know your viewpoint and completely avoid you.


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