Thinking fast

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My mind generates ideas too fast that my hand may not catch the speed to write them down. I find it very hard at times to remember what I was thinking of a few seconds before. I had to start all over again, to recollect.

I feel I should keep a paper and pen next to me constantly, so that I can capture whatever I can.

Sometimes I don’t exactly remember what people were saying some few seconds before and have to ask again even if I heard them completely.

While I am drifting to sleep so many thoughts would rush into my mind that I find it very difficult to keep pace to remember all of it. I wish there is an inbuilt memory bank that I can store all of them, and I can sit leisurely to ponder over them. Crazy.. but many times it happened with me.

I think too fast that I find it difficult to speak at the very same pace… conveying the ideas becomes slow that it might be annoying at times to my listeners.

It may not be a huge problem really but at times it is indeed frustrating.


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