Being poor

via Daily Prompt: Swarm


Only when you have money, you are treated as a normal human by fellow human beings or given equal status. If one person is convinced to follow this practice, others follow the same or improvise to next level in no time, and soon you are left all alone by this swarm of people. Your opinions don’t matter to anyone when you are poor. Your near family won’t even like to be associated with you.  You may be isolated by anyone.. it can be your near family, friends, colleagues or business associates.

As an individual, interest and attention goes only to the rich, in comparison to the poor. All actions are determined by the economic status of a person. How one should be treated is determined by the volume of wealth. Humanly behavior is deprived for those who have limited means. In this process of human discrimination, so much is missed out.. to have good moments or to show some empathy, one has to be rich. People will not treat you or accept you as you are, if you lack the standard they set in their mind. Everything is determined how much money you have or you don’t have.



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